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Holly Johnston Mortgages

About Me

I’m so glad you’ve arrived! Holly Johnston Mortgages is where I share with you a light hearted approach to understanding Mortgage Financing.  Let's face it, finance isn't exactly known to be exciting or necessarily easy to follow at times. There are lots of moving parts when it comes to Mortgage Financing & I hope you can learn a thing or two here! Moreover, I hope I can help you finance your next Home!


I work exclusively as a Mortgage Agent with Vine Group Mortgage Brokerage, based out of Hamilton, Ontario. As a licensed agent I service Canada wide & work with clients looking to purchase homes, refinance/renew their current mortgage, and/or purchase investment properties. 

I hope you enjoy my site and all of the content I create. I'm here to help you make informed financial decisions & provide top quality service as Your Mortgage Agent!


 Are you ready to become Mortgage savvy?


I recently purchased my first home, and Holly Johnston did my mortgage. She did a great job answering all of my questions (there were many), and was extremely responsive throughout the process, especially on offer day. Brian Hogben was also very supportive and provided me with valuable insights going into the day offers were held. Working with Mission35 gave me the confidence to make a strong offer, which ultimately was the push I needed to get into the market at a very reasonable price - a difficult task considering the current real estate market. I would definitely recommend Mission35 for any financial transaction.


We have been working hard in an effort to pay off our mortgage as quickly as possible. Our mortgage was recently up for renewal so we worked with Holly Johnston to find not only the best rate but the best options for prepayments which go directly to the mortgage principal.

Holly was fantastic, she is knowledgeable and eager to get to know us and our preferences so she could best guide us in finding the product which would meet our current and future needs. After much due diligence, she put our needs first in recommending that the best renewal option for us was actually with our existing lender.

We will absolutely work with Holly and Mission35 Mortgages again for any future transactions. 



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